Propulsion of CSR management

The idea of our Group CSR is to realize one of our corporate philosophy, “Contributing to the improvement of life and culture by creating products and systems that are in harmony with the needs of society and the natural environment through our core packaging container business.” And, we will strive to meet the expectations of a wide range of stakeholders around us and to earn their trust.

Based upon the Tokan Kogyo Group’s CSR policy, our commitments are;

Environmental initiatives

Based on the belief that it is the responsibility of a containers & packages manufacturer to raise awareness of the environment and reduce the environmental impact by corporate activities, we have established Environmental policy. The entire Tokan Kogyo Group is working to protect the global environment through energy saving, waste recycling, and the development of environmentally friendly products.

Environmental policy

Basic principle

Tokan Kogyo Group aims to enhance daily life culture with our containers & packages, and we will work on and contribute to society through not only continuous improvements against environmental issues in Value Chain but also conservation of sustainable global environment.

Basic policy

  • 1. Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • 2. Develop products and technology in consideration of environmental impact at each stage of product life cycle (from material procurement to production, distribution, consumption, disposal, and recycling)
  • 3. Reduce and recycle emissions generated from reduction of input resources and corporate activities
  • 4. Comply with global environmental protection regulations and establish voluntary management standards to strive to maintain and improve environmental conservation
  • 5. Conduct environmental communication aiming to live together with stakeholders

Toshiya KASAI

Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.